30 Valentine's Day Ideas for Fabulous Singles ...


Being single on Valentine's Day isn't really a big deal, you know.

Yeah, you might feel a little ...

disgruntled, seeing all those couples clinging to each other like ivy, but come on.

You're young, free, and gorgeous!

Whether you're flying solo or just not with your boo for the big day, you can still have a blast.

C'mon, singles, claim your Valentine's Day!

1. Head to the Movies

Head to the Movies

Gather up your other single girlfriends for a night at the movies.

Be sure to pick something that's anti-romantic – no sappy chick flicks allowed!

Be sure to get giant buckets of popcorn to share.

2. Host an anti-Valentine's Day Party

Host an anti-Valentine's Day Party

Go with a "Love Hurts" theme and use all black decorations.2

No flowers, no cards, no candy… just good food, good friends, and good drinks!

3. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Get a massage, a facial, or a pedicure – alone or with some girlfriends.

Make yourself feel special and pampered!

4. Get out of Town!

Get out of Town!

Plan a special trip to some place you've always wanted to visit.

It could be something as dramatic as a foreign cruise or as simple as a day trip- enjoy being able to just do something you and only you want to do.

5. Have a Foodie Night

Have a Foodie Night

Go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant with other single friends.

Treat yourself to some place really special, and get a delicious dessert – you don't have to share it!

6. Stay inside

Stay inside

Or, make it a night in to avoid seeing all the couples packing the restaurants.

Rent a few guy-bashing movies, pop a big bowl of popcorn, and remind yourself that it's great to be single - you get the couch all to yourself!

7. Have Family Fun

Have Family Fun

Got nieces or nephews?

Be the "cool aunt" and volunteer to babysit.2

Take the kids to an indoor playground, and then go out to eat junk their parents never let them have.

They'll love you forever!

Enjoy Some Puppy Love
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