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Who's Turning 50 in 2008

By popbytes

good evening! oh my gosh can you all believe that 16 year old jamie lynn spears is pregnant?!? i did post an inkling of the situation back in july when national enquirer had it on their cover - although the story turned out to be about a pregnancy scare - but talk about foreshadowing! at least it's taking the spotlight off her big sister britney spears for a nanosecond! teenage pregnancy of course happens (did you know her boyfriend casey aldridge is 19?!?) but you think she would've learned her lesson after witnessing all the drama her sister has been's quite crazy how this is all turning out - maybe she'll be able to give britney some pointers - since brit is exactly what you would consider to be a role model mom (heck she doesn't even have custody of her own two kids!) i bet mama lynne spears is probably about explode with all the good times abounding - and now her parenting book has been delayed - i doubt we'll ever see that handbook hit the shelves now!

moving on - we've got a bunch of big celebrities turning the big 5-0 next year including madonna and prince - gosh that makes me feel old - i've only got about 18 years to go until i celebrate that birthday - by then i'm hoping 50 will be like the new 30! below we've got AARP magazine featuring fifty year old caroline kennedy - i've always had a thing for her family - they're like cursed or something it's kind of eerie - i still think about her brother john f kennedy jr who passed way before his time - gosh he was so damn handsome & debonair - what a loss! there's also a cute little illustration with a few of the soon to be inducted members of the half a century club - they should all have a party together - how hot would that be?!? popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

ellen degeneres (january 26th) will be throwing a bash on her popular daytime talk show, ellen, and including some of her signature original dance moves.

sharon stone (march 10th) avoids sticking to a regular exercise plan and loves dark chocolate, but stays youthful and full of life by staying active fighting against hiv/aids.

michelle pfeiffer (april 29th) came back from her career hiatus to appear in three films last year. the mother of two teenagers also just quit smoking and started using sunscreen to protect herself.

prince (june 7th) is still a prolific one-man band (high heels and pompadour included) perpetually cranking out cds. the star also launched a new fragrance recently, 3121.

madonna (august 16th), mother of three young kids, will release a new cd this year and mulling a "madonna at 50" tour next summer. "madonna's 50th birthday countdown clock" can be downloaded from the web and applied to your computer's desktop.

viggo mortensen (october 20th) just recently became a movie star with his performances in lord of the rings and eastern promises. the danish american is also a poet, photographer, painter and fluent in four languages.

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