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America's Next Top Model 9.09 "the Girl Who Starts to Lose Her Cool" Recap ...

By Leora

Here’s my recap of America’s Next Top Model **9.09 “**The Girl Who Starts to Lose Her Cool”:

The girls get Tyra mail that tells them they need to be muses.

They get to a fashion school where Benny Ninja is waiting for them. The director of Elite Management is waiting for them. They’re going to each be paired with a student designer who will need to use them as their muses to take gross dresses and make them pretty.

The girls meet the designers and have to tell them about themselves.

The next day they go back to see the designs and be in a fashion show. Anne Shoket from Seventeen Magazine is there to let them know that the winner of the challenge will be in a Seventeen magazine spread.

Benny Ninja tells the girls that they need to walk down the runway and say a little bit about how they inspired the design.

Heather got really nervous and forgot what she was going to say. Lisa also stumbled over her words. Saleisha won the challenge and got to choose two girls to be in Seventeen with her. She chose Bianca and Lisa.

When the girls got home there was Tyra mail telling the girls the heat is on.

There was an incident with the shower. Heather was freaking out because she "called it" and they went in there anyway. She snapped and freaked out the girls.

The next day the girls get driven to the desert to have a photoshoot in front of a burning car. Heather has a really hard time with the shoot. Jay said she looked very lost. Ambreal was posing too much. Lisa was freaked out by the car a bit and had some trouble getting the shot because she didn’t work the garment.

Heather’s worried she’s going to go home because of her shoot.

The girls get Tyra mail that tells them they’re going to panel the next day.

When they show up at panel a Chinese dragon is dancing around. Tyra tells the girls they’re going to China! But one of them needs to get cut first.

Jenah: They all loved it. Tyra thinks she was all over the place in a good way.

Heather: Twiggy loves the picture but everyone else hates it. Miss J. thinks it looks like she’s pooping. Heather tells them she’s been having a bad week. Tyra tells Heather she needs to deal with her negative feelings and still perform.

Saleisha: Twiggy loves the attitude. Nigel doesn’t find it inspirational. Tyra thinks that she needs to take more chances.

Chantal: Nigel thinks it’s her best picture to date and Twiggy agrees. Tyra thinks her legs look really long.

Ambreal: Nigel thinks that facially she looks beautiful but she’s not showing the clothes.

Bianca: Miss J thinks her picture looks like she set the car on fire. Nigel thinks it looks like a fashion picture.

Lisa: Nigel thinks it’s a dramatic picture but she’s not making the most of her long legs and arms. Tyra thinks she looks 5"2 in the picture.

This is the order in which the girls were called: Bianca, Jenah, Saleisha, Chantal. Heather.

Lisa and Ambreal are in the bottom two. Ambreal goes home.

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