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Which Eva Mendes for Campari Outfit is Most Fab?

By fabsugar

In case you missed it, Eva Mendes is Campari's new calendar girl. Though the main focus is supposed to be the alcoholic beverage, I can't help but be mesmerized by her over-the-top, glamorous ensembles. These four are by far the standouts of the bunch. They're all red-carpet worthy, but the one I'd love to borrow is the long, gold sequined gown. Which one do you want to borrow?

Via I believe in changes

Which Eva Mendes for Campari Outfit Is Most Fab?

The one with the red cape . . . how sexy!

The short white dress is flirty and innocent at the same time.

I'm all about long, gold, and sequins.

Fuchsia is my favorite color; the Indian-inspired cut is so cool.

All of them are beautiful.

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