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Americas Next Top Model 9.10 the Girls Go on Go-See Adventures Recap

By Leora

Here’s my recap of tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model where the girls went on Go-sees:

Heather’s worried that she’s going to go home this week. Jenah’s worried that her personality is holding her back.

They get Tyra mail that they think to mean go sees.

The next day they show up at PT Models Shanghai where they find out they’re going to have go sees. They each get a taxi and a translator and need to be back at 6:00.

Heather couldn’t find the locations and got lost.

Bianca and Saleisha are the only ones who made it back in time.

After the go sees they went out on the town. Susan Yang comes to tell them who won the challenge. Bianca wins and is the face of the 2008 Olympics.

The next day they show up at a place with really loud bugs. Mr. Jay and Nigel meet them. They’re going to be photographed by Nigel with Chinese dragons. They;re going to have to stand out in a crowd.

The next day at panel they find out that they’re going to Beijing.

Chantal: Tyra gives her a lecture about being late for the go see challenge. Tyra tells her to always wear nude underwear. Nigel says that when she got compliments she would lose focus.

Bianca: Tyra congratulates her for winning the challenge. Then when it came to her photograph they liked her body but her face looked tired.

Jenah: Tyra asks about her being late. They like her pictures but Nigel mentions that she needs to stop being so sarcastic.

Saleisha: The designers thought she was beautiful and had a lot of personality. Nigel says she was his favorite person to shoot. Tyra thinks this is her best picture.

Heather: They get her to practice her runway walk and Miss J says she needs a top model ass whooping. They all love her picture though and Susan Yang says she has a great look for China.

Tyra calls the girls in this order: Saleisha, Bianca, Chantal

Jenah and Heather are in the bottom two.

Heather goes home!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!

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