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What's with All the Turbans

By Kimberley

This is one of those trends that just doesn't sit right with me. On the one hand it looks totally ridiculous and resembles most of us just after we've washed our hair and wrapped it up in a towel, meaning that we don't leave the house. On the other hand, styled correctly on right person and it does have the small potential to look quite chic. Make note of the words small potential. But the real question I'm asking is - what's with all the turbans lately? One minute they're appearing on the catwalks for Prada and Ralph Lauren and the next minute Ashley Olsen is spotted doing her shopping in one. This is how trends begin... even the bad ones.

Let's face it, a small percentage of us would be lucky to pull this trend off without looking like Aunt Mable circa 1976. It's definitely not going to appeal or suit many of us and thank god! It's what you may call an extension of the head scarf which I still have problems triumphing. Spilling down from the catwalks and good ol' Madonna has gone and decided she'll design one as part of her collection for H&M, available from next month - joy! Biba have also designed silk scarf version which is available from Browns for £70.This may work on the likes of J-Lo or catwalk copy-cat, Posh Spice, but you certainly won't see me running out to buy one.

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