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Welcome to Teri at Pretty by Nature

By Christina

Although I am so sad to say that my good friend Kim has recently had to stop writing with us, I am very happy to say that my friend Teri has started at Pretty by Nature with a vengeance! A natural and organic vengeance, of course. You hopefully know Teri from her blog at Beautiful Makeup Search, where she talks about all kinds of great cosmetics and beauty products. She is reeling herself in here at Pretty by Nature to talk about organic skin care and cosmetics - which is a huge market. I hope that if you are into natural products - and I know a great many of you are - that you will make Pretty by Nature a regular read! Don’t forget to subscribe to her email alerts or her feed by clicking the subscribe button at the top right of her site (and you can find my email subscription form in my right (pink!) sidebar, if you were wondering). It is great to have you here with us Teri, I hope you will be here for a very long time to come!

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