How to Sell on EBay V- the Rest


Although put up an auction is not that difficult, having a successful auction is. Of course there are more to it. And we are going to point out some of those unpleasant situation you might be facing to. Better be prepared then sorry, right?

Fight with fraud
Be very very careful. There are fraud financial emails, there are fake paypal emails and there are scam eBay emails. I've got two fake eBay emails saying that a customer is asking for some questions about my eBay listing, the funny thing is, I don't even have an eBay account with that associated email account! I know immediately that it was an fake email. I am afraid that you might get the same thing sooner than later. It is, however, not that to fight with. NEVER EVER click the link in your email. If you receive any email that claim they are from eBay, log on your account from another browser. Many sellers have lost their password and account because they click on the link in their email which registered their log in for someone else. So, don't ever do that.

What if none sell?
If some of your item didn't get any bid at the end of your auction, you can however, put the auction up again. And if you sell the item, eBay will then waive your fee for the second auction. Before you start the second auction though, you might want to do some adjustment to your title, description, pictures to increase your explore as well as your chances of getting bids.

Item sold but no payment?
In some rare cases, a buyer bid on an item and then regret the action and refuse to pay the item at the end of the auction. But in most cases, people just forget about what they've bid on. Give people some time, contact them friendly, and then make your decision whether you want to rate them bad. I've got one sale which the buyer didn't pay after a week and of course I've contacted her few time with no reply. I was about to leave a negative rating when she sent me an email saying that she was out of the town and she just paid my item. And that she is sorry for all the inconvenience. I sent her the item at once and close the deal. Thus, saved myself some time and energy as well. So, patience will have a decent payback, most of the time.

Learn from your experience or from others
There are many other situations that you might facing to. If you want to become a regular eBay seller, you might want to get educated at the FAQ second and read the forum. It's lot easier to learn from other's experiences then your own, right?

At last but not least, I wish you have good luck with eBay and of course, if you work hard enough, you might have a chance to make a fortune out of it!

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