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Welcome Style It Less

By Christina

Dexie, who I have grown to know and love over the last couple of months while she has been writing SheKnowsBest, has started our newest blog at the b5media Beauty & Style channel - Style It Less, a blog about fashion bargains. Be sure to stop by and bookmark or subscribe to her feed - and don’t forget to say hello!

You also might want to know about a contest Dexie is holding on She Knows Best - she has a whopper of a prize basket with products worth over $200 for the dashing man in your life! If you have a funny comment about male hair removal, get it in there and enter to win. I can’t stop laughing about my hubby’s last hair removal experience enough to tell you about it (pleasedontlethimreadthis). Have you seen The 40 Year Old Virgin? There is a man hair removal scene in that movie good enough to laugh about forever…I know we do.

We are also looking for some fashion writers to join us - I would love to find someone interested in the fashion scene in NY or LA - so if that is you, and you are passionate enough to write every day please let me know through the application at!

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