8 Ways to Be Nicer Online ...

Remembered that Glee episode where Coach Sylvester hired a few students to be hecklers at a Glee Club performance?They admitted to Ms. Holly Holiday how they feel braver about insulting people because they can do so online and experience no repercussions. It's sad, isn't it? Makes you wonder how people can forget to be decent simply because they are protected by "anonymity." I never want to feel that way so I wrote here ways to be nicer online as a reminder. I hope that these help you, too. Take note, these simply cover how one should leave comments or interact with bloggers.

1. Manners, Manners, Manners

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Don't be rude. Never say "You're fat! That's is an ugly dress! How can you write this? This is stupid!" Remember that the person who wrote the blog is A PERSON. He or she has feelings. You also need to keep in mind two things: not everyone shares your opinion on things and that nobody's perfect.

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