7 Ways to Accentuate Your Best Features ...

You may not quite believe it each time you look into the mirror and wish you had Taylor Swift’s curls, J’Lo’s ass or Jennifer Aniston’s figure but there is something quite special and unique about you as well. All of us have a feature that we are most fond of – be it a flawless complexion, a sexy belly button or a cute ass. We might not look like perfect beauties but there are always “assets” we can capitalize on to cultivate our own bevy of admirers, followers, worshippers, and lovers. So, let’s learn about 7 ways to accentuate your best features and leave people asking for more...

1. The Eyes

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If you have great peepers, I’d say half the war has already been decided in your favor. However, you need to do your bit to draw attention to your lovely eyes. Begin by choosing a nice shade of eye shadow – one that compliments the color of your eyes. Blue eyes really open up with brown, gold, peach, plum, and gray, whereas brown eyes look stunning with greens and bronzes. Hazel and green eyes should experiment with shades of purple. Define your eyes by giving shape to your eyebrows and as a final touch use a mascara to give your eyelashes a sharper look.

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