Vote Louis Vuitton Dentelle - Elegant or Glorified Trash?


Vote Louis Vuitton Dentelle - Elegant or Glorified Trash?
Vote Louis Vuitton Dentelle - Elegant or Glorified Trash?

The “**Dentelle**” floral lacing on Louis Vuitton’s new Speedy is kind of beautiful, until it’s embroidered onto the busy LV monogram pattern both the company and fans are addicted to.

Do I like it? As a fan, but not an obsesser, I can be fair. And personally, I say put it on a light canvas, like the designer’s Damier Azur, and it could really rock. Of course, putting it on a more “blank” canvas, like a black suede - would truly make it art.

A lot of Vuitton’s monogram embellishments are things crafty and creative fans can do themselves. (And they even come up with their own ideas and post photos online.) And well, I think I could seriously make this with the embroidery machine I just purchased on eBay (I’m ecstatic). Still, I’d rather put it onto my own print, which I can make myself as well with either screening or printable fabric I also purchased and my new ink jet printer (needed a fax upgrade - finally!). Yes, I am awesome.

OK back to the ponderment at hand. LV’s Dentelle MC Speedy 30, is it a classic made elegant or an overpriced exploitation by Marc Jacobs of the house? Fabulous or … trashtastic?

LV Dentelle:

Instantly Iconic!

My Eyes! MY EYES!

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