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Tub "it" Time - Open Sundaes ...

By shelley

I gave myself the best homework!** Tub Time**…**Bubble Baths**. I’ve gushed how Open Sundaes is my fav lip gloss find since Juicy Tubes. Now I just had to sample what they’re most known for - their dessert inspired bath treats.

Their bath bombs aren’t anything to sneeze at, but I’m more of a bubble girl so I was delited with their bubble alternative that comes disguised as a yummy looking Cupcake. Serious fun, and serious bubbles. I’m seriously addicted.

Too much? Then try the luxurious bath oil mini-cupcake or bon bons. Fat-free treats!!

Next round was the fun - Mint">">Mint Ice Tea Bubble Blowing that goes generously in the tub, or use the attached wand to blow bubbles. Refreshing - and I felt like I should have had a Long Island’ served with my bath.

I recently read Jessica Biel’s beauty secret is to sloth with brown sugar, Open Sundae’s Brown Sugar Body Scrub has the sugar and moisture. This is lite enough to use everyday (unlike some of the salt scrubs). This is one of the products where the high level of natural products really stands out - this is why Open Sundaes will be around for a long time. This one will stay in my shower.

My final bubble bath ties with the cupcakes for my pick - is White Cake Mix. Don’t think the white is boring compared to strawberry shortcake, white is divine. It’s a good thing all the packaging says "do not eat" because this one is almost wrong how it smells like you could dip your finger into some real cake mix. Creamy, milky bathtime! Oh my.

Best of all, I now know where I’m shopping for Mother’s Day!

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