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Top Five Festival Bags

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The UK festival season is almost upon us, which obviously means that it's now going to rain non-stop until the end of August. Never fear though, dear readers, The Bag Lady has trawled the web to find you the perfect festival bag in a bid to take your mind off the weather and to prepare you for every eventuality. Who cares about a bit of rain and mud where there are bags to be looked at?!

If you're planning on going to any of the UK festivals this summer, then read on after the jump to find out more about our picks...

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that you need somewhere as safe as possible to keep your money and other valuables when you're at a festival (I have been a victim of festival crime, someone stole my jeans from my tent whilst I was asleep in it!). It's also nice to have your hands free so that you can hold beer, burgers, doughnuts and other such essential (*cough*) items. You also don't want to spend a fortune since you've already remortgaged your house to buy your festival ticket, so everything featured costs under £35.

This butterfly holdall is laminated, which means it will keep your things nice and dry! It's probably a little on the large side to carry around with you all day, but if you're planning on camping then you're going to need something to carry your clothes in and this fits the bill perfectly! It costs£35 from Topshop.

Ah, bum bags. They were great weren't they? Ok, maybe they weren't that great in the fashion stakes, but you can't deny that they're handy! This pocket bum bag is from Warehouse and it costs £18. It's also available in cream and gold. It will keep your things safe as long as you don't actually wear it on your bum. If you do that, then you might as well make yourself a sign to stick on your back that says 'Please feel free to steal all my stuff. Thank you!'

This Bench camouflage print pocket belt is a great alternative to the bum bag. It doesn't look quite so '80s. It's great for storing your money, although there's probably not that much room for a mobile and a camera in there too. The good thing about pocket belts is that you can also sleep with them on, thus protecting you from the tragedy that befell me (they were Calvin Klein jeans too. Grrr.) It costs £17 from ASOS.

This Eurohike Incheon pouch is a practical rather than fashionable choice, but it's a great all-rounder. You can wear it attached to a belt or use the shoulder strap. The main compartment is padded to protect your camera or phone from bumps and knocks (and you will get a few of those!). It costs £9.99 from Millets.

Finally, how could I not choose something that looks so very Glastonbury? This hippy-style brocade neck purse costs just £2.50 from Natural Earthling which is based guessed it - Glastonbury! It also comes in a variety of different colours. It will keep your money safe, but do keep it tucked away out of sight or you could risk it being snatched from your neck. You can buy items like this from stalls at almost all the festivals, so keep an eye out!

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