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Top Fashion Brands Millenials Love ...


A generation known for needing a new outfit for every occasion, it’s no surprise that the Millenials are calling the shots when it comes to style. From seasonal runway shows to trendy online boutiques, big-name designers and fashion brands are looking to millennials when it comes to fashion inspo. Take a peek inside the list of top 5 fashion brands that this generation just can’t seem to be without!

Table of contents:

  1. insta worthy: fashion nova
  2. sporty chic: nike
  3. edgy luxury: michael kors
  4. forever young: forever 21
  5. the all american: american eagle

1 Insta Worthy: Fashion Nova

For the forever flawless Instagram ready looks, Fashion Nova is always a top choice. Known for celebrating the newest most daring styles for women and men (not to mention at affordable price points) this is a brand that likes to push the boundaries of fashion.

2 Sporty Chic: Nike

If you’re always on the go but want to keep your sporty look comfy yet trendy, there is no better option that millennials seem to flock to more than Nike. This athletic brand is known for making statements through their ad campaigns and apparel pieces, making them more than just another sportswear company.

3 Edgy Luxury: Michael Kors

When it’s time for a little luxury, Michael Kors is always a top choice. From being featured in popular rap songs to offering an edgy streetwear aesthetic, this world-renowned luxury brand speaks to the millennial generation.

4 Forever Young: Forever 21

Shop at the fountain of youth that others refer to as Forever21. For fashion that is fun, bold, always on trend and festival-ready, Forever21 lives to make sure that you and your outfit are the life of the party. They satisfy cravings for the hottest fashion finds at prices no one can pass up.

5 The All American: American Eagle

Nothing beats slipping into an effortlessly stylish all American look that is always fresh and unique from the household name brand American Eagle. For the millennial that embodies a carefree lifestyle, relaxed attitude and loves casual comfort this is the store that has exactly what any and every closet needs.

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