The Must-Have Women's Plus Size Clothing Items for Every Wardrobe ...


The Must-Have Women's Plus Size Clothing Items for Every Wardrobe ...
The Must-Have Women's Plus Size Clothing Items for Every Wardrobe ...

Every wardrobe should be designed with a solid foundation, consisting of essential pieces that are perfect, bring effortless style and incredible versatility. For plus-size shoppers, navigating through the complexities of style and size to determine the pieces that can enhance and genuinely celebrate their curves, feels like a never-ending challenge.

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Creating a Plus-Size Wardrobe

Everyone deserves to feel and look lovely, regardless of their body size or shape. Despite your love for colour and sophisticated prints, there should be a space in your wardrobe for powerful yet classic women's plus size clothing. Ensure your wardrobe has a perfect balance of timelessness and boldness, supporting you when in a brunch with girls, every high-powered meeting or a night out with friends. Below is a highlight of pieces you shouldn’t miss in your closet.


Factors to Consider when Building a Plus-Size Wardrobe

The two most important aspects you should consider when creating a plus-size wardrobe are quality and fit. Getting these two elements right can transform your closet and is essential to always choose the best quality you can afford at the time being. Not only the items will be much more satisfying, more pleasant to your skin and better fitted, they will also look much more beautiful on your figure and will make you look put together.  Also, more expensive pieces will serve you longer and in the end you will see that you spent less on high quality items that accompany you season after season than if you had to repurchase the same item of poorer quality every year or even more often than that.  Now, fit is another non-negotiable factor to never take lightly.  Ill fitted clothes will end up in the back of your closet to never see daylight again. No matter how great the discount is, or what the sales person says, if you feel uncomfortable in an item, if it is too tight, too big, slightly not fitting in the shoulders, or your chest, leave it in the store with no regrets. You will know once you try on a piece of clothing that fits you perfectly. 



Just like an art collector wouldn't fill their gallery with “okay” printing, you shouldn’t have a closet full of “meh” clothes. To create a fabulous wardrobe, you should invest in high-quality pieces that can resist normal wear and tear and look better on you. The selected pieces should maintain their colour, shape and texture for a longer time and after washes.

High-quality plus-size clothing doesn’t necessarily require spending much, though sometimes it does. Check the fabric, craftsmanship and how the pieces are put together. It is all about the weight, seams and material used - you can always feel the difference.



In this case, "fit" means to both feeling and looking good. Nicely fitting clothes not only make you feel good, but it enhances your natural body shape, eliminating the gaping or tugging of fabric in the wrong places. Perfectly fitting clothes can make you feel comfortable and confident throughout your day, whether at work or during outings. In other words, clothes that fit perfectly should feel more like a gentle hug rather than a wrestling match.

It is not always easy to get the right fit. Therefore, you should start by getting your measurements and size right. Plus-size clothes vary between different brands. This means that having your exact size and dimensions right can help you navigate different brands more effectively. Also, go for clothing that you don’t have to struggle to wear. If you have to hold your breath to wear or zip up, that is not your size. A perfectly fitting cloth should easily contour your shape.


The Must-Have Women’s Plus Size Pieces

Creating a stylish and versatile wardrobe comes down to having the right basic pieces.  From crisp white shirts to classic black pants, from the versatile LBD to a classic cashmere cardigan, certain items are a wardrobe's backbone. And once you have that, building a style on top of the must-have pieces is easy and very satisfying for both fashion forward and newly interested in fashion women alike.


Layering Pieces

Layering is both a strategy and a fashion statement. Therefore, you must get key pieces like light jackets, cardigans and blazers to create interesting and dynamic outfits. For instance, a cardigan is essential for a put-together and relaxed outfit while a flowing blazer can effortlessly transform any outfit into an office-ready one. When selecting layering pieces, consider their seasonality and versatility. This means that heavier pieces are for cooler months while lighter pieces are for summer and spring. Remember, no matter how good your layering piece is, it is not supposed to overpower your outfit but rather complement it. Therefore, get cuts and lengths that elevate your best outfit features.


Basic T-shirts and Tops

Just like for all other sizes, the plus-size outfit should start with a nice base. It is essential to have various basic tees and tops, especially for a plus-size wardrobe. You can opt for tops with breathable fabrics like modal or cotton. The cosy and breathable fabric feels good on your skin and can hold up well to the end of the day. Mix scoop-neck and V-neck styles to balance the outfit and elongate your neck. For colours, you can stock up on different neutral colours like white, gray and black for maximum versatility. However, you can spice things up by adding your favourite bold prints and vibrant colours.



Select a few dresses you can wear in almost all occasions. A good example of flattering plus-size dresses is wrap dresses. They are perfect considering that they offer adjustable waist ties to accentuate your body shape or curves. Another perfect piece that can work both during the day and at night is an A-line dress. They can create a smooth silhouette since they flare from the waist down. Remember to go for dresses that can be paired with some statement jewellery and different heels or dressed down with sneakers and a cardigan or denim jacket.



You can create any outfit with the right skirt or pants. Wide-leg pants are a must-have in a perfect, well-rounded plus-size wardrobe, as they offer both style and comfort, suitable for formal and casual occasions. Go for pencil skirts to create a perfect feminine profile. For easy mixing and matching, buy bottoms in solid colours. You can have a few bold prints to add a pop to your everyday looks.


In a Nutshell

When trying to come up with an ideal plus-size wardrobe, always prioritise essential pieces that offer enduring style and exceptional comfort. This means you can go for that flowing top, perfectly tailored wide-legged pants or that cosy leather jacket. Planning to elevate your wardrobe with these pieces can transform your closet from “I think this can work well” to “I can’t wait for tomorrow to wear this”.

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