8 Top Cricketers of the Last Decade ...

Recently, the world including many non-cricketing nations, were gripped by the fever of the ICC Cricket World Cup. Cricket has come a long way and has created any legends that sprinkle its path. Determining the 8 top cricketers of the last decade is, however, not just a matter of statistics. It is impossible to quantify the impact any player has had on the game. Here is my list.

1. Ricky Ponting, Australia

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Photo Credit: crickblog.com
This is perhaps one of the easiest choices in the top cricketers of the last decade. Ponting has been voted the best cricketer by cricketers, current and former, cricket commentators and cricket writers. Apart from being the most successful batsman of his time, he was also the most successful captain, making Australia reach dizzying heights in the cricketing world.

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