7 Tips to Quit Buying Stuff You Don't Need ...


7 Tips to Quit Buying Stuff You Don't Need ...
7 Tips to Quit Buying Stuff You Don't Need ...

My closets, cabinets, and drawers are full of things I don't really need. I have shoes I've only worn once, clothes I bought because they're cute, and appliance I bought because they looked neat. Well, the shoes hurt my feet, the clothes don't actually look cute on me, and the appliances kind of suck. Everyone buys so many things they don't really need and can't really use. We're wasting money, time, and space with all this superfluous junk! So if you want to clean up your life and stop the madness, check out some tips to quite buying stuff you don't need.

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Think First

The best tip to quit buying stuff you don't need is to think before you buy. You always need to think – think before you leap, before you speak, and before you spend your hard earned money on things you might never use. Ask yourself some important questions before you make your purchases. Will you use it, does it fit your style, do you really need it?


Avoid Clearance Racks

I have this problem with clearance racks. I'm all over them. I don't care what I see, if it used to be $20.00 and I can now get it for $2.99, I'm all over that. I've bought so much junk just because it's on sale! If you can't help yourself either, then try to avoid the clearances for a while. It doesn't matter if you're getting a good deal; if you're buying something you don't need, then you're still losing out on the deal.


Stay Away from Special-Occasion Items

I know we all need things for special occasions, so this one has a caveat. You might need a new dress for a wedding or some new towels for a beach vacation or something, and that's cool. However, most single-occasion purchases are a waste. If you're only going to use it once, you probably don't need it. Try to borrow something from someone instead – or, try renting!


Use Cash

Using cash is a great tip to quit buying stuff you don't need. If you only have a specific amount of money with you, then you're not going to want to waste it on things you're not really sure you're going to use. For that reason, it's also smart to shop with a list.


Get a Little, Not a Lot

This is another reason you need a list. If you end up buying a lot at the store, then it's easy to start thinking you can throw in a lot of other stuff. You end up with a ton of little things you don't really need, they just happened to catch your eye. So, try not to go on too many big shopping binges, where you're buying a lot of stuff at once. Get a little at a time, keep track of what you're buying, and you're far less likely to get a lot of extras.


Watch Your Shopping Buddies

Another tip to quit buying stuff you don't need has to do with the people who shop with you. If you have a shopping body who routinely buys lots of things indiscriminately, that could be rubbing off on you. You don't necessarily have to ditch your shopping pal – unless the temptation is too much, of course. Instead, again, give yourself a set amount of money to spend and a specific list of things to buy.


Be Accountable

You have to be accountable for what you buy. You can't blame it on other people, such as buy saying you just bought your husband three packages of tube socks because they were on sale and he always needs socks. He didn't ask for them! Will he really need that many? You choose what you buy, and when you hold yourself responsible for it, it's surprisingly easy to stop with those little things.

Of course, this is all easier said than done, I bet. I mean, I found a lot of great tips to quit buying stuff you don't need, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to follow all that advice right away. What are your biggest impulse purchases?

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I can relate very well. I tend to buy stuff in bulk when it's cheap, but I have way too many bottles of body lotion, just because they were on sale (or shampoo, or conditioner...). Now when I want to buy something I keep asking myself how much of that item I have still at home. It has helped me a lot so far, and I have bought less stuff lately.

Very good idea! When I had to move from MI to MA ... wow. There were just random boxes filled with the dumbest things I didn't need anymore. Marked with things like, "Half dry markers and construction paper!"

When I realized that if I were to move I would need a lot of boxes...I like to stay flexible and move to other places and countries. Therefore it is just not sensible to have so many things.

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