Time Wasters Wheee

Hairspray: Someone sent me a Hairspray autograph game. Well, it’s not really a game per se, it’s more of a thing I used to force Elijah Kelley to show support for Isaiah Washington so I can sell it on eBay. I’m gonna be rich.
Bastardly: I have no idea who Hofit Golan is, but damn if that isn’t an ill-fitting dress.

CityRag: Arranged Celebrity Baby Marriages

Drunken Stepfather: Rosie Perez seems pretty proud of those stretch marks on her boobs. *shudder*

UseMyComputer: Hayden Panettiere looking sultry or like a vampire.

Bossip: Someone is angry TMZ called Beyonce a “roboho”

Celebitchy: Hugh Grant might marry.
College Humor: An Apple iPhone spoof. Someone buy me one.

SOW: Daniel Craig to do one more Bond film.

HB: Britney Spears Did Not Serve Mother With Legal Papers

DH: Nicole Richie might also be getting married.

College Humor: Zombie boy gets interviewed. He gets straight to the point.
CS: Lily Allen arrested for punching someone.

AB: Fox Mulder Trades In The Phone Sex For Nuns and Mums

Egotastic: Hilary Duff Pops a Squat on National TV

Grumpiest: Jennifer Lopez Plays Ball

• Chris Farley was reincarnated as a girl.
• They started selling string bikinis for toddlers now. Jesus.

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