Tim Gunn on Bags


I know I have some Project Runway fans out there, have you all read Tim Gunn’s book yet? I have just ordered it today, and can’t wait to read it!

I am a Bag Snob of the worst variety (well maybe not the worst), and there is a cute article about bags in the Houston Chronicle today that you might be interested in checking out with some exerpts from Tim’s book, A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style.

Thankfully my snobbery doesn’t extend to having to have the latest “It bag,” but I absolutely cannot stand to have a cheaply made bag. I would rather carry one good classic bag for 15 years than a variety of cheap bags. I am glad to know that Tim is on my side with this one.

Here is some commentary from Tim and his co-author, Kate Moloney, that speaks to me;

“Stay on the lower end for on-trend bags and invest in real pieces,” Moloney said. “I like Mulberry because it isn’t immediately recognizable. It’s subtle, and I will have it forever.”

She and Gunn suggest spending money on your “workhorse,” the bag that will go to the office with you every day. Choose a color that works with whatever dominates your wardrobe, and make sure the strap is thick enough to distribute the weight of the bag.

As for those flavors-of-the-month

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