8 Things You Should Talk about before Marriage ...


Marriage is an important, life-changing step for two people to take. Once you've said "I do" your life will never be the same. Oh sure, it is possible to divorce and go your separate ways, but in reality, once you've been married, the person you marry is permanently made a part of your life. From that point on until the day you die, a piece of your heart and life will belong to that other person. All this being said, there are 8 things you should talk about before marriage that are very important to your happiness and livelihood for the remainder of your life. Are you ready to talk?

1. "Are We Right for Each Other?"

Too many times, people get caught up in a sexual connection that they have with an individual, and only after they're married and the passion has cooled somewhat, do they realize that even though the sex might be good, they're not right for each other - their lives are too different to exist peacefully together. For this reason, among others, I believe it's very important to save sex for marriage. Instead of building your relationship on sex, build it on friendship and common interests. Find out if you can get along with each other on a day to day basis when sexual feelings are not present. If you find yourself disagreeing more than agreeing, you may not be right for each other. If, on the other hand, you get along and have a true bonding friendship, it's safe to say you can explore the next step in your relationship.

"Does My past Bother You?"
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