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7 Things to Ask Yourself before Buying Anything ...

By Aprille

Things to Ask Yourself before Buying Anything can come in handy for a variety of reasons. Specifically, there are several things to ask yourself before buying anything **that can keep you from wasting your money. It can be very difficult to resist buying something on impulse. I found that I can make it easier on myself if I remember these questions listed below. Here are 7 **things to ask yourself before buying anything. Keep these questions in mind, no matter how small or large of an item you are thinking about purchasing.

Table of contents:

  1. is this going to make my life easier in some way?
  2. how often will i use this?
  3. am i able to get this for free elsewhere?
  4. do i already have something like this at home?
  5. can i afford this?
  6. what purpose will this serve?
  7. do i absolutely need this?

1 Is This Going to Make My Life Easier in Some Way?

This is one of the most helpful things to ask yourself before buying anything. If I think the purchase I’m about to make is going make my life more stressful in any way, I tend to quickly put it out of my mind. However, we all enjoy finding things that make life easy, right? So, if I am positive that this new purchase is going to be the answer to a current dilemma I seem to be having, I’m most likely going to buy it. Within reason of course.

2 How Often Will I Use This?

This is where those impulse buys get people into trouble. They sound like such an excellent idea at the time, get used once, and then tossed aside. Using an item once or twice often means I could have done without it in the first place.

3 Am I Able to Get This for Free Elsewhere?

Like I mentioned, a number of the things to ask yourself before buying anything ultimately lead to saving money. I can find tons of samples online for free, my mom and sisters always have extra stuff lying around, and I’ve even gotten free things by posting an ad in the newspaper and making a trade with someone. Sure it might be more convenient to simply buy an item you think you need, but why spend money on it when you can get it for free?

4 Do I Already Have Something like This at Home?

Manufacturers are always coming up with new and improved items that are easier to use than the current model you have. Does this justify buying the newer version? I don’t think so, not if my current model is still doing its job. Now, when I have something that worked well and recently bit the dust, then I will probably go out and buy the newer one on the market.

5 Can I Afford This?

See? This is unquestionably one of the most important things to ask yourself before buying anything, especially when you're on a budget or otherwise trying to save. Putting something on a credit card doesn’t count when you ask yourself this question. If you can’t afford to pay for an item without emptying your bank account for it, is it really worth it? Can you get along without it a little longer until you can afford to buy it? Putting yourself in debt over an item isn’t my idea of a good purchase.

6 What Purpose Will This Serve?

Am I going to hang this item on the kitchen wall where it will collect dust for the next 10 years? Is it going to placed at the bottom of the toy box once those fancy little knobs get ripped off? Is it just for looks or is it capable of multiple functions? I have to think about what purpose a particular item will serve before committing to the final purchase.

7 Do I Absolutely Need This?

Of all the things to ask yourself before buying anything, this is the most essential. My answer to this question rarely is ‘yes.’ However, if I can think of multiple reasons why I truly need a specific item, then to the check-out counter I go!

I hope this list of 7 things to ask yourself before buying anything helps you weed out many unnecessary purchases. As you've read, there are multiple things to ask yourself before buying anything that can save you time, money, and hassle. I’ve made it a point to teach my kids how to think this way so that hopefully they won’t be sucked into impulse buying at such a young age. What are some other things to ask yourself before buying anything that help you from making impulse buys or wasting money?

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