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7 Ways to Stop Fighting about Money ...

By Aprille

The following 7 ways to stop fighting about money can be used by couples who are married, engaged, or just dating. I think some of these methods will also work for people who are merely roommates and sharing expenses as well. Take a look at my list and see what you think needs to be added to it. Also, feel free to comment on these various ways to resolve money issues.

Table of contents:

  1. be willing to compromise from time to time
  2. pay bills as a couple
  3. make sure financial goals are realistic ones
  4. don’t make large purchases without talking to one another first
  5. set a budget and stick to it
  6. decide who will be in charge of keeping track of funds
  7. have separate bank accounts

7 Be Willing to Compromise from Time to Time

You can’t always have your way, even if you think you are entitled to it. There might be a time when you have to simply give in and settle a financial dispute the easy way; give up something you want, but don’t truly need.

6 Pay Bills as a Couple

If you both know where the money is coming from and where it is being sent to, then there won’t be anything to fight about. Paying bills together means you’ll be able to see first-hand what your total monthly expenses are and where corners can be cut. Also, having two pairs of eyes to scour over bills will make it easier to spot any discrepancies neither one of you knew about, such as an unnecessary fee you’ve been paying for months without knowing it.

5 Make Sure Financial Goals Are Realistic Ones

It’s hard to make a goal of saving a million dollars by the end of the year when you both have part-time jobs that pay minimum wage. Set up a savings account and put aside what you can. Both of you can contribute as much as possible without putting a strain on your monthly budget. Come up with a list of goals that can easily be met by your monetary means and chose which ones you will follow through with. If you both agree on the same goals, it makes it much easier to achieve them.

4 Don’t Make Large Purchases without Talking to One Another First

This is a prime example of how communication is the key to any good relationship. If one person goes out and purchases a big screen television without knowing the other person also has plans for those 1500 dollars, then a fight about finances is sure to break out. Sneaking around and making purchases that benefit only you are other no-nos when it comes to shared finances. It’s best to discuss any purchases being made when you share an account with someone else.

3 Set a Budget and Stick to It

Seeing how all your funds are going to be dispersed throughout the month makes it easier to see where adjustments need to be made. Moving money from one location within the budget plan to another might make your funds stretch a bit more in certain areas, especially if you try cutting out some of those unnecessary items. Such as; skip the candy bar and soda on the way home from work now and then.

2 Decide Who Will Be in Charge of Keeping Track of Funds

If you can both handle it in a civil manner, then keep track of funds together. However, usually one person is more willing than the other to take charge of finances in a relationship. Sometimes one person in the relationship is better suited to handle this task as well. As long as you both agree on who is going to be the one in charge or if both of you are, then managing finances shouldn’t be something you fight about.

1 Have Separate Bank Accounts

This tactic works well in most relationships and living situations. Everyone needs to have their own account, no matter how small it is. No one wants to answer to someone else and ask for money when they need it. I think it would be too much like living at home and being a teenager again. You’re an adult, so you are entitled to your own account when you have your own funds.

Surely there is something on this list of 7 ways to stop fighting about money that you can use. Is there another way that works better for you that isn’t on this list?

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