8 Things Most Men Love Talking about ...


Women might have the reputation for being big talkers, but we all know who is really the culprit! If you want the latest gossip, chances are pretty good that you will hear it at the local barbershop faster than you will in the ladiesโ€™ room. Men are famous for spilling all of the dirt on everything from relationships to the big game. It seems like practically nothing goes unsaid between a group of guys! Do you ever wonder what they are talking about during those locker room conversations? While we canโ€™t say for sure, here are 8 things most men love talking about.

1. Cars

What is it about guys and cars? They seem to be attracted to wheels from the time they are little boys having races with matchbox cars. Whether your man is young or old, he probably talks about cars with his friends. They compare whose car is newer and they all have opinions on which make and model is faster. They love to spin tires, rev engines, and show off their ride anytime the guys get together.

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