15 Signs 🚦 He's Falling in Love πŸ’– with You for Sure πŸ’― ...

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He Goes out of His Way for You

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He Loves Spending Time with You

It just goes without saying that when you’re in love, you enjoy spending time with the person you are in love with. Instead of going out with his buddies, does he decide to spend time with you? Instead of doing one of his favorite hobbies, would he prefer spending time with you doing one of your favorite hobbies? If so, then watch out...he may just be falling for you!
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He Smiles at You

Sure, guys smile...especially when they are trying to get some and I put that one lightly. However, you can tell a caring smile from a flirty smile. Does he smile at you with that twinkle in his eye? That smile is definitely something to look into.
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He Can Talk with You for a Long Time

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He Doesn’t Act as if He Controls You

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He Gets You Gifts

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He Offers to Take You out to Dinner and a Movie

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He Passionately Makes Love to You

Okay girls, I do not know if you have noticed, but there is a difference between having sex and making love. When someone makes love to you, when they are in love with you, you can practically feel their soul. How has the sex been? Intimate or do you just cut to the chase?
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He Loves β€œCuddle Time”

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He Tells You He Loves You

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You Know You Can Trust Him and He Trusts You

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You Can Just Tell

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He Really Opens up to You

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He Has an Original, Personal Nickname for You

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Random Things Start to Remind Him of You

If he starts telling you that random songs, sights, smells etc. remind him of you then it means that you are permeating every part of his being, even when you are not together. The fact that he cannot go a single morning or afternoon without being reminded of you by something seemingly innocuous is a pretty strong indicator that true love is in the air! If he matches all or some of these signs, Congratulations! you have a keeper! He IS falling in love with you! So, how do you feel about him? Can you see yourself with him years from now? This article was written in conjunction with editor Neecey Beresford
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