Steps You Should Consider for Protecting Your Engagement Ring ...


Steps You Should Consider for Protecting Your Engagement Ring ...
Steps You Should Consider for Protecting Your Engagement Ring ...

Getting engaged is a major milestone in many people’s lives and it is usually a memorable moment when the proposal happens. Many people think extremely creatively as to how they will propose, whilst others going for the more romantic option and going down on one knee. No matter what way it is done, when this happens, it will be a moment that won’t be forgotten easily.

There is usually a lot of thought in advance put into the engagement ring which can also be extremely costly. Some people spend many thousands of pounds (even tens of thousands) on an engagement ring, to help emphasize their love and commitment to the other person. This is a massive outgoing in terms of expenditure and one that people should not take lightly. Protecting this investment is obviously something one should consider doing. Here are some of the suggestions below on how you could help protect this.

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Aqua, Fashion accessory, Jewellery, Engagement ring, Body jewelry, One of the easiest ways to protect the engagement ring is to take out specific ring insurance. This is becoming far more common for people to consider as there isn’t much other protection you can get for this (generally home insurance will only cover this to an extent). The level of cover you can get with ring insurance can be modified to suit your needs. This could include damage and repairs or even loss.

Depending on the level of insurance that you take out and the overall price of the ring, this will determine the premium that is due for the cover. Another influencing factor will be the “deductible”. This is the amount of money that will be deducted in terms of a claim. For example, if you are claiming for a lost or stolen engagement ring valued at $5,000 and the deductible is $250, this will be deducted from the claim settlement and you will receive $4,750.

If you lose an engagement ring or one gets stolen then it could be difficult to get any replacement ring that has the same sentimental value as the original one, however, the money you receive for this could go a long way in this. In addition, as an engagement ring is normally kept on most of the time, it is prone to be damaged. The insurance cover will allow people to then get immediate support if this does happen and the repairs can be covered (minus any deductible agreed as part of the policy).



Hair accessory, Fashion accessory, Jewellery, Headpiece, Leaf, People have very different approaches to engagement ring use where some people will never take it off their finger where others will take it off when they go to bed, gym, shower etc. Due to the value of the ring, it is important that if you are one of those people that decide to take it off, you have secure storage. In the home, it is recommended that this could be a fireproof safe and if going to the gym, it may be worth considering not taking it with you and leaving it at the safe in the home. The safest option to keep this safe from being lost is always to keep it on your finger, although some people find this uncomfortable.



Engagement ring, Ring, Fashion accessory, Diamond, Jewellery, Due to the importance (not only in price value but sentimental value) of an engagement ring, the added security of having this insured is something worth considering. If there is loss or damage to it, you have the added protection to know that there are experts around that specialize in this field and can support at pace. If deciding to take the ring off for any reason, be mindful of how this is being stored and whether it is secure enough.

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