The Best Diamond Shapes for Maximizing Carat Weight ...


The Best Diamond Shapes for Maximizing Carat Weight ...
The Best Diamond Shapes for Maximizing Carat Weight ...

In terms of quality diamonds, the term "more is better" certainly comes into play when choosing a stone. This is also the reason why carat weight will help to determine its price. The only possible issue is that choosing a large stone can require a significant financial commitment. So, are there any ways to provide the illusion of size without breaking the proverbial bank?

You may be surprised to learn that choosing right shape is an important variable if you hope to get the most for your money. Are there any cuts associated with a greater amount of perceived "real estate" and which ones should be avoided?

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Diamond Shapes to Maximise Carat Weight

Natural material, Body jewelry, Jewellery, Silver, Font, As the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) points out, there are numerous diamond shapes to choose from:

• Square

• Cushion

• Oval

• Round

• Pear

• Marquise

There is no doubt that each of these designs provides its own set of unique characteristics and yet, some will help to maximize the weight (carat) of the stone in question.

Most experts feel that a round brilliant cut is the best option here, as more of the stone itself is used during the initial design process. As the table (upper face) of the diamond is also noticeably large, its dimensions will appear more impressive when viewed from multiple angles.

Oval and pear shapes are also popular choices due to the fact that their elongated cut will help to take up more space within a ring. Similar to round brilliant cuts, these shapes help to maximize the amount of surface area. This Pricescope diamond shapes guide will provide you with a more in-depth overview.


What Shapes Should Be Avoided when Looking to Maximize Carat Weight?

Cosmetics, Gesture, Finger, Body jewelry, Nail polish, To be clear, every diamond cut is stunning to behold. There are still times when specific configurations might appear smaller than their actual size. One common example can be seen in a cushion cut. Although this is one of the most expensive shapes, we need to remember that cushion cuts tend to be set deep within a ring. Therefore, much of their carat weight cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Other Ways to Enhance the Size of Your Diamond

Hand, Body jewelry, Light, Black, Finger, The good news is that there are plenty of other ways in which you can maximize the appearance of a diamond. One worthwhile strategy involves choosing thinner prongs within the setting. Slender prongs will expose more surface area. In the same respect, the jewellery itself will impact the appearance of a stone. For instance, select a ring with a thinner band if you want to draw immediate attention to the diamond.

Although carat weight is important, never forget that other qualities such as the cut, clarity and color of the stone will have an impact upon its appearance and value. This is why many individuals are now choosing to purchase quality diamonds online to enjoy substantial discounts in synergy with a truly amazing spectrum of shapes to select.

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