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By Kim

I don’t read tabloid rags, but I did catch the cover of this month’s Star Magazine’s Most Annoying Celebrity List issue.

What cracked me up was the sub-title:** …And Why We Love Them!**

The usual suspects appeared on the cover: Paris, Lindsay, Nicole, Britney — the lot.

Suddenly I found it irresistible to come up with a “most annoying” list for some people I’ve worked with — in the same editorial style as Star.

Here’s mine**:

• Mary in charge of travel and expenses — for always, ALWAYS calling me on the occasional 3:00am cocktail at the Philadelphia Ritz Carlton. (apparently she doesn’t buy the “beverage” description that I’ve tried to fool her with).
• Bill in legal who simply finds it morally impossible to not re-write my entire product brochures. (apparently, “It’s theee not thuh)

• Kenny in procurement who simply can’t find it in his heart to just let me have the most recent copy of Adobe or the fabulous new Herman Miller chairs.

• Barbara in marketing who knows how to leverage my short comings at important meetings.

• Beverly, my co-worker who wears her Manolo’s in the snow…and even more annoyingly…to company picnics.

• And last but not least, James, the CEO who makes more money in 2 minutes than I will make in a month…and then says…”gosh…how do people live on that?”

If Trump worked at my company, he’d be on the list too for treating Rosie like total rubbish…as would Rosie for taking the bait.

** Of course this is a fantasy list so the people are not real but the circumstances are…:).

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