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Something to Remember April 22 - Earth's Day ...

By Editor

I invite you to celebrate this day, consuming the coolest pro-green products ever. Let's save the planet together! Gotta go, time to separate plastic from paper :)

"Gaiam's green household products and natural cleaning supplies give you hundreds of ways to live your every day in more health-conscious and eco-friendly ways." - Gaiam

Lavender Fabric Softener by Seventh Generation - Ultra-concentrated Lavender Fabric Softener uses renewable soy oil-based softener to make laundry fluffy, downy soft and static-free. With 40 loads per 40 oz. bottle, it's also economical. Mildly scented. Biodegradable. USA. 2 bottles $13.95

Trash Bags by Seventh Generation - These sturdy and dependable trash bags are made from 100% recycled plastic with a minimum 30% post-consumer content. They require 25% less energy and 90% less water to produce than virgin plastic bags. The 13 gallon white bags are ideal for kitchen waste while the 2-ply 30 gallon bags fit snugly in 30 gallon containers. 3 gallon bags for 32 gallon containers. USA. 3 boxes $11.95

Use the 3Citra-Solv - Just a splash of highly concentrated Citra-Solv in water makes a stellar all-purpose cleaner for kitchen or bath. Mix a stronger solution to clean and deodorize floors, or pour it on undiluted when you need a stain remover for fabrics, an oven cleaner that cuts grime or a biodegradable cleaner for your bike chain. Safe for porcelain, metal, tile and fabric. USA. 32oz. $17.00

Bowl Blaster - Abandon the myth that only elbow grease and hard scrubbing are always needed for cleaning. Bowl Blaster cleans, freshens and deodorizes your toilet

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