8 Sensual Ways to Pamper Yourself ...


Ways to pamper yourself don't always have to come with an expensive price tag and an entire day spent at the spa. Ways to pamper yourself can be no further than the comfort of your own home! If you're just coming home from a long day at work or if you feel a little stressed, or even if you just need to be reminded of how completely sexy you are, you can use one of these sensual ways to pamper yourself. And the best part? You can pull these out of the hat over and over again - I guarantee that every time you use one of these ways to pamper yourself you will feel as sensual as ever!

1. Lotion Potion

Here's one of the best and most sensual ways to pamper yourself: stick a bottle of your favorite lotion in the fridge to chill while you bathe or shower. When you get out, rub the lotion on your skin before heading to bed. The chilled lotion will soothe and relax your skin! Your skin is in for a real treat with this stuff!

Peppermint Pick-Me-up
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