Rumor Alert: the Return of Sex and the City?

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Are you ready for this? According to E!'s Watch with Kristen Sarah Jessica Parker has announced the Sex and the City movie is a go (but if you ask SJP she might just give you a maybe).

In the ET interview, fashion maven Sarah Jessica Parker talks about the launch of her clothing line Bitten (which hits stores today) shortly after she leaks the news that the Sex and the City movie will happen-- saying they are "finally ready."

So what do you all think? Do we really want this movie? When the show announced its end and women all over the world were getting ready to mourn their Sunday ritual maybe- but now aren't we a bit over saturated with repeats on FOX and TBS every five minutes?

What could this movie possibly be about any way... Carrie and the now "big" Big get hitched... yawn. Will Samantha settle down with her hunky boyfriend or will she give that lesbian thing another go. Will Charlotte spend every moment of her life learning Chinese so she can speak to her new baby and ruin her marriage (again). And who even cares about Miranda, she got totally boring towards the end.
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