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Rose McGowan is Quite Picky

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Actress Rose McGowan has been getting quite a bit of press lately from her latest film, Grindhouse. Of course, most of it hasn’t been positive. Turns out Rose is one picky lady.

While growing up, Rose loathed her mother’s hippie style - and was none too pleased when Tarantino cast her in a 70’s role. “I was like, ‘Why did Quentin come up with that - just to torture me?’ My mother was like, ‘I knew that would get back to you one day.’ “When I was little I would hide in the wheel well of the vw bug she drove us to school in, so no one would see me. “Everyone else had their station wagonsand she would yell out the window, ‘Rose McGowan’s in this car.’ I would be mortified.”

So Rose doesn’t like hippie clothes and her mother’s style. Be damned if you wear the same color as her to a premier! PR Inside also reported that McGowan ‘warned’ her other co-stars, including Rosario Dawson, to not dare turn up in the same color. “It caused quite a stir. The feeling is she’s self-obsessed.”

Such a shame too. I thought she totally redeemed herself from her Manson relationship with Charmed.

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