Rimmel Style & Shine Mascara – Expert Review ...

Rimmel claim this clear mascara contains a variety of nutrients which will make your eyelashes and eyebrows look healthy and shiny. Let’s see if it worked…
Type of Mascara: Clear
Colours Available: Clear
Price Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
Style & Shine Mascara - Natural lash and brow mascara. The shine: Natural sheen of lashes and eyebrows is enhanced thanks to plant extracts. The style: Unique gel formula defines lashes and tames eyebrows where necessary. With Pro vitamin B5 to care and nourish your lash.
My Experience:
I’ve got really fair lashes and skin so I always used coloured mascara to add some warmth to my complexion. I think clear mascara is better for women with naturally dark and thick lashes. I tried this clear mascara on both my brows and lashes and found it did seem to give them an enriched sheen and they felt soft. However, I would use this again on my brows but I definitely need darker mascara for my lashes. I think it is a good product if you just want to comb out your lashes and create some separation. I like the fact it can tame my eyebrows and hold them in place without feeling sticky or hard.
Overall Rating: Good
Price: $5.49 at amazon.com
Do you think clear mascara works on fair lashes?

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