Pure amp Petal Hair Fragrances


Pure amp Petal Hair Fragrances
Pure amp Petal Hair Fragrances

Elizabeth Pyshnov of Montreal, Canada, has developed four fresh fragrances that are specifically for the hair.

Elizabeth says β€œI wanted my hair to smell freshly-washed between showers. I tried to use eau de parfum on my hair, but not only was I worried that the alcohol would dry my hair, I also found that traditional eau de parfum and eau de toilette were too heavy and overwhelming when used on hair”.

Pure & Petal launched in November of this year and will provide you with silky feeling, fresh-out-of-the-shower smelling hair, all day long. With silk protein and provitamin B5, these products won’t cause frizziness or dry your hair out.

If you are like me and hate having to wash your hair every day, just to keep it smelling great, using a hair fragrance can allow you to skip a day or two of washing and styling, while still keeping your hair fresh. Another great feature is that these fragrances are so light that you can wear them and your favourite perfume, without them competing against each other.

I can honestly say that I like all four of the fragrances - which is unusual for me as I am so fussy. What I like is that they really are fresh, light and not sweet nor sickly smelling. I think my favourite is Heavenly Clean and my husband likes Summer Passion.

The four fragrances are:
**Sublime Citrus
**An uplifting citrus fragrance made with sweet orange and pink grapefruit essential oils
Heavenly Clean
A clean, bright fragrance with notes of freshly-washed laundry mingling with fruity-floral notes
Linden Blossom
A sophisticated, feminine fragrance with notes of linden flowers and a splash of grapefruit essential oil
Summer Passion
A sweet, seductive infusion of fruity notes.

Find out more about Pure & Petal Hair Fragrances at www.purepetal.com.

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