Pinch Hitters


Pinch Hitters
Pinch Hitters

I've fallen into a but of a makeup rut lately, friends. Mornings are busy and it's just so easy to reach for the same things over and over again; the only variety in my routine comes on the weekends when I have more time to contemplate it.

Well, yesterday morning I was forced to switch up my routine, having left my makeup bag in my mother's car after an all day shopping expedition on Sunday. This, of course, was not discovered until Monday morning. I still had my trusty concealer (Becca) and lipgloss (Chanel Glossimer in Summer Plum) in my purse, but everything else was MIA, sending me scrambling through my stash to select appropriate replacements. And here's what I found:

My usual: Becca Eye Color Powder in Velour
New: Laura Mercier Eye Colour in Deep Night

Verdict: Deep Night is a bit "bluer" than my old favorite Velour; it's more of a flat charcoal navy, while Velour is a deep blue-black with tiny flecks of shimmer. I can't decide which I like better. In any case, I've been in love with Deep Night for ages and it was a happy rediscovery. Lasting power of the Laura Mercier shadows is always good!

My usual: Lancome Fatale
New: Chanel Inimitable

Verdict: An excellent find! Inimitable made my lashes look long, thick, and very, very black. It doesn't quite measure up to my beloved Fatale, but I was still impressed.

Brow Powder
My usual: Smashbox Brow Tech
New: The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit

Verdict: I was really missing the brow wax that comes in the Smashbox duo, but the brow powder in the Body Shop kit (it's two shades, one for brows and one for eyes) worked quite well. The brush included in the kit is OK in a pinch, but I'd prefer a full-sized brush for less clumsy application (especially on those hectic Monday mornings!).

My usual: Clinique Shimmering Tones Powder in Pink Chocolates
New: DuWop Blushbooster in Apple (shown above)

Verdict: Blushbooster was an interesting little product that had been bouncing around my "must try" list for quite some time, and I'm glad I finally checked it out. Apple is a gorgeous rosy pink with a silvery sheen - sheer and absolutely lovely. Jojoba oil keeps it from looking cakey or too powdery on your cheeks.

My usual: Urban Decay lip pencil in Lounge
New: Laura Mercier lip pencil in Natural Lips

Verdict: My old standby Urban Decay shade has been discontinued, so it's inevitable that I'll have to find a replacement! Many think that lipliner is passe, but I can't live without it for a pulled-together "office face." It should never look obvious - just a subtle definition that makes lips look fuller and more even. My favorite shade, Lounge, is (was?) a dusty pink that was quite close to my natural lip color and never added an unnatural tan or orange cast to my lipsticks and glosses. The candidate for its replacement, Laura Mercier's Natural Lips, just wasn't up to snuff. it was far too beige and added a muddy cast to my Chanel Summer Plum gloss. The search continues!

Tinted Moisturizer
My usual: DuWop Revolotion in Tara
New: Same! I have several tubes of this and keep them stashed everywhere so I'll never be without it. I NEVER leave the house during the day without sunscreen on, so I always make sure to keep some on hand (Revolotion is UVA/UVB SPF15).

So...what's been your favorite "in a pinch" makeup discovery (or rediscovery)?

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