(My Friend)'s Brother ...

Date: January 2006
How we met: We played softball together, but never really hung out. At my friend's birthday party, the two of us got to talking. He had thought I was 23 or 24 (he's 31), and I had thought he was kind of a mimbo. We found out we had both been wrong.

Previous flirtations: Phone and emails. Oh yeah, and this is one of those dates where we put the cart before the horse, with the cart being fooling around and the horse being a date.
What we did:
My Friend's Brother and I met at the same bar in which we had celebrated his birthday. We enjoyed a beer there, then went around the corner to a different bar which had televisions, enabling us to watch a college bowl game.

Conversation was great: we both live in the North but love college football and other Southern thangs. He had gone to college at West Point, so I assumed he would be a fine, upstanding individual like the other West Point guys I had known to the point.

Then we got to talking about the future, and Brother noted that he loves going out and partying all the time. My guess is that he is making up for the partying he missed at the military academy. When a guy says, "If I get married, it won't be for a while," that's my cue. Check, please!

We stayed until the end of the game, then Brother took the T to his place and I got a cab home. One of those dates where at the end you both know it ain't going anywhere. Such a waste of a handsome, intelligent man. Dangit.

Nickname: He was my friend's brother. I actually use her name when I talk about her, but can't do that here. Sadly, she hasn't been as good a friend since the whole Brother thing. I think she was really mad at him, and it made her uncomfy around me. Bummer. She was a cool girl.
FDS: 5 out of 10
How long it lasted: One date

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