7 Must Have Aromatherapy Oils ...


Aromatherapy Oils are something that every single woman should have in their house and not only because they smell good! Do you ladies know what your nose can do for you when breathing in the right scent? It can calm you down, make sure that your day feels less stressed, and if you have the right aromatherapy oils it can improve your mood! I know that aromatherapy oils have helped me a ton in the past with everything from anxiety to a headache and I know the list below will help you too!

1. Cedarwood

Okay, so wood scented things don't seem like the very best essential oil to help anything, but cedarwood aromatherapy oils have been known to have calming properties. Did you have a wicked bad day at work? Are you stressed about money? Is your kids/husband making you crazy? Just a whiff of cedarwood essential oils and all its woody goodness and I can promise that you'll feel better instantly!

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