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Movie Review - Ocean's 13

By Consuela

I saw Ocean's 13 this weekend ... not bad. It brings back all of the finest boys of Hollywood, and they dress to impress. There were some funny lines, and a lot of eye candy, but you just can't top the first one. A friend put it best: Ocean's 11 was a 9, 12 was a 5 (although I then lowered it to a 4), and 13 was 7. So it was a step up at least.

The problem, in my opinion, was that the characters were too thinly spread, and I still can't figure out why. The movie was two hours long, and somehow I didn't get enough of any of the them - I love Don Cheadle, and I only saw him for about 10 minutes. And, they didn't give you the complicated plan like they did the first time - Rusty and Danny explained it in five minutes in Thirteen. The focus was on the carrying out of the heist rather than the planning, and the fun is to see what they're going to do in detail, and then when they've got millions at the end you know they were successful. All in all, though, it's still fun, and I'll pay ten bucks for 120 minutes of Brad Pitt and George Clooney anyday.

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