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Reviewing relationships is a good idea during the first half of October as mental Mercury is moving backwards in Libra, the sign of partnership. It's time to undo unfair deals, reconnect with someone from the past, and confront secrets that are coming to light.

It's wise to move cautiously on the delicate matters of love and money since assertive Mars enters passionate Scorpio on October 3, adding intensity to every action and word. This is excellent for making the most of your personal resources, enabling you to dig in deeply to break through barriers or plant a seed that can grow in even the rockiest soil.
The Sun in Libra, which seeks accommodation through compromise, is opposed by the Moon in independent Aries. The struggle to meet others halfway while maintaining a sense of personal authority can fire up emotions in a hurry. Impulsive reactions can have damaging consequences. Think carefully before making a rash statement that will push someone away.

The Sun enters steamy Scorpio on October 22 to push partnerships to another level. Instead of sweetly smiling and putting up with unsatisfying alliances - both personal and professional - the gloves come off.
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