Is Zodiac Compatibility a Myth or Reality?


I remember the days when I used to religiously follow my horoscope in the daily newspaper just for fun. I am not really much of an astrology buff, but my friends and I had a blast co-relating our horoscopes for the day to something which is even the teeniest bit significant to the 'prediction'.

Being an Aries, it was also interesting for me to know whether I am astrologically compatible with my special someone. According to the charts, an Aries goes well with someone who was born under the signs Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius. It would have been weird if I immediately asked the men that I went out with what their birth sign was during the first date so I waited until the relationship was going along nicely to learn about their birth dates.

So far, I have had a couple of quite-long relationships with a Leo and a Capricorn. I did have a lot in common with Mr. Capricorn but it was the 'Leo' guy whom I felt more deeply about. Whether or not it was a result of our signs working well together or not- I have yet to find out because I'm still with the Leo guy! Is our relationship written on the stars or not? We'll see.

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I agree some people are different. I'm an Aquarius but I'm open with my emotions, because I'm a sensitive guy. I don't like to think too much (eventhough Aquarius are supposed to be the type to over think things).

There is definitely some truth behind the assertions. just look up great scientists who studied astrology, and you will see that there is a side of it that has been ignored by ignorant people.

I\'m not sure. I know that while most of my qualities match up, others on here don\'t. It\'s still interesting to read!

for me it's actually true, i'm a libra so i'm supposed to get along with guys who are virgo or cancer. the guy that always understands me, he's a cancer. there are a lot of times it's s not true but it's true for me

You know sometimes it seems to be true, with some people. But there are people who differ from their zodiac character description... It's difficult to say for sure...

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