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Unveiled in January, Kingsley Handbags by designer Lisa Kingsley are the IT bag secret for those in the know.

Handcrafted exclusively from exotic skins like ostrich, python, and cobra, as well as tumbled leather, with styles released monthly, one or two at a time, the bags have an air of exclusivity built in (the nearly impossible to read website doesn't hurt either).

This is February's style, The Schiller Satchel.

Pictured in Python, it is also available in ostrich. It has a detachable shoulder strap, though the handles seem long enough to fit snugly under your arm. It's not obvious from the frontal view, but the bag has plenty of room. It's $1275 as shown in python

March brings something a bit larger

The Southport Traveler is a great extra large bag, perfect for overnight. It has a zip top, as well as an exterior zip compartment. There is a smaller tote version, but totes are a dime a extra large duffel is much harder to find...but it doesn't come cheaply. The ostrich traveller is $2125. (which isn't as outrageous as it sounds...ostrich is expensive). The tote is $1775, and about 1/3 the size (judging from pictures).

The January style, not shown, is a very simple clutch called The Argyle. It's a very cool bag, but not as interesting as the 2 pictured. You can see it at Kingsley Handbags.

The company mission statement says the line is designed to transcend trends, and be not a brand, but an expression of the wearer's personality. While the braided handles and insets are very current looking, only time will tell if they truly are a forever classic. One thing which is notable, is the color palette, muted greys, pinks, and sand colors (inspired by "the colonial villages of Mexico") is the opposite of the brash and shiny metallics permeating the market right now. I am a big fan of the pink in both ostrich and python.

I haven't seen them in stores as yet, but they are available to order from the Kingsley Handbags website.

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