Kim Kardashian Sex Tape is Real and Very Very Wet

A source has confirmed that the sex tape starring Paris Hilton's best friend Kim Kardashian and Ray J is real and features water sports (which is code for peeing on people). Several porn companies are negotiating the rights to the tape, and SugarDVD has offered Kim $2 million to sell it. Paris is allegedly against the deal, which is part of the reason the tape hasn't been sold yet.

I'm torn. On the one hand seeing a hot chick with giant boobs having sex is awesome. On the other hand, seeing them get peed on isn't. It's actually the opposite of awesome. If this thing ever comes out I know I'll end up seeing it, I'm just not sure if at the end I'll have a giant boner or be quietly sobbing. My penis would probably just pack up and leave because it couldn't decide how to feel. Plus it drinks a lot and has commitment issues.

More of Kim Kardashian and what she looks like not covered in pee after the jump.

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