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Kelly Ripa Shows off Her Body to Shape Magazine

By steph

Kelly Ripa is featured in the May issue of Shape magazine showing off her totally toned figure, looking hotter than ever!

Check out how great she looks and all the fabulous quotes she gives on her health, exercise and family.

This down-to-earth Jersey girl is so self-deprecating and funny; she had everyone at our cover shoot cracking up when she was trying on Bikini’s. “Me on the cover of Shape?” she asks, looking at her slim figure in the mirror. “You’re going to have to change the name to Shape-less.”

The 36 year old actress has started- and more significantly, stuck to- a serious exercise program. She’s also learning to cook and even shares her favorite minestrone soup recipe. But the thing she’s most proud of-besides getting in her best shape ever-is snuffing out her hidden unhealthy habit: smoking.

Kelly was one of those classic “I’m not really a smoker” smokers. I only did it when I was out with friends or sometimes in my dressing room, never at home or in front of the kids,” says Kelly. “The best gift I could give myself and ultimately my family was to stop smoking.” What was her trick? She started exercising five times a week. “It was a matter of replacing one ritual with another,” she explains.

As Kelly loves to remind us on a daily basis, her cooking skills are less than exemplary. “Basically, I’d ring up my husband and ask, ‘Where should we order from tonight?” she says. “It was ridiculous. So we finally decided to save the money we were spending on takeout and hire a chef instead.”

“We are so overfed as a society that we don’t know what a real serving looks like,” Kelly explains. “Now my family tries to eat smaller amounts more often. I’m big on grazing.”

She has a schedule that allows her to spend more time with her family. She’s up at 6 a.m. with the kids, does the show at 9, hits the gym, and then spends the afternoon taking the children to their gymnastics, swimming or ice-skating lessons.

“It wasn’t easy (exercising 5 days a week), in fact, I almost gave up in the beginning. But after a couple of weeks someone told me how great my arms looked! I’m so vain, that’s all it took. I was hooked.”

Kelly is not big on breakfast. Instead she always begins her day with coffee at home and then a cup of Starbucks regular coffee with half and half during the show. Her first meal of the day is at 10 a.m. – usually a salad and a small turkey sandwich or a BLT (with turkey bacon) on whole-wheat bread. Her afternoon snack is a handful of almonds and a pear. For dinner she eats salads and fresh veggies with smaller servings of fish or steak.

The family chef has also helped Kelly realize how easy home cooking can be…she even has signature dish. “It’s Jamie Oliver’s minestrone soup,” she says. “But instead of pasta, I use chickpeas for extra protein. The kids think it looks like a tiger because of the purple cabbage and carrots. It’s delicious. I like it because it’s really easy.”

Kelly makes sure to carve out downtime for herself and her family. “I’m a creature of warm weather and so are the kids,” she explains. “We grill; go for long walks, buy ice cream. We never have a schedule, and we don’t make any plans. A weekend out there (beach home on Long Island) feels like a month – its pure magic.”

“If I can begin an exercise program after such a huge break (10 years), anyone can.”

“On the show hair and makeup people are paid to make me look great, while I just sit there, but the results I get from exercise come from my hard work, no one else’s. That gives me an enormous sense of accomplishment.”

Personal trainer: Keith Byard

“Because she’s so busy she needed a plan that would quickly work all her muscles from head to toe,” Keith Byard explains.

Byard develops exercises that allow her to focus on both her strengths and weaknesses – a workout strategy that applies to everyone. Pair this 25 minute routine with 20 minutes of cardio five days a week and, like Kelly, you’ll be savoring your new-found strength and body confidence in no time.

Kelly’s 6 Fave Moves (25 minute routine)

Squat and rotational row; works butt, legs, back, and biceps

Rotational lunge; works legs and core

One-legged hip lift; works hamstrings, butt, and abs

Sit-up to stand; works abs and legs

Push-up with rotation; works abs, arms, upper back, and chest

Inchworm and push-up; works chest, arms, and core

20 minute cardio: alternate jumping rope with 30 seconds of jumping jacks

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