Justin Timberlake Cancels More Concerts

Man, that must have been some party after the VMA’s. Justin Timberlake just keeps canceling concerts…this time he blames the cancellation on “vocal strain”. More like hangover strain!

Sunday night’s VMAs were a trade-off for JT, who won four moon men, but lost his voice.

The AP reports that Timberlake, 26, is on doctor-ordered vocal rest after his performance at the awards show. As a result, he postponed concerts in both Sacramento and San Jose, California.

Before fans can cry even a tributary over missing the former boy-bander’s FutureSex LoveShow, however, tour promoter AEG has rescheduled the concerts for September 23 and 25.

It just goes to show that what goes around comes back around!

(Via Celebrity News: Latest Celeb News ...)

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