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Julie Newmar - out of Control at 74

By popbytes

good evening everybody! i was so sleepy this morning but i managed to deal with the day which included changing the oil on my car (always a thrill!) and picking up a hot pair of bright blue jeans at diesel - which i saw colton berry wearing on american idol last week (who was also booted on thursday night) i saw the jeans at the store a few weeks ago and hated the color but then when i saw them combined with a black top it all made sense - plus white will work too! moving on - tonight i came aross pictures of 74 year old actress julie newmar who is best known for playing the original catwoman in the campy 60's series batman (two other ladies played the character back then - lee meriwether and eartha kitt) you also may recall her cameo in 1995's to wong foo, thanks for everything julie newmar (how can you forget patrick swayze in drag?!?) which tipped its hat to her incredible beauty! being 74 - of course she's had her fair share of plastic surgery and looks fairly decent - although she could definitely use a make up consultant (plus her left eye is a little wonky but i'm sure that can be fixed?) yet her outfit is totally out of control - when i first saw the pics i didn't think she was wearing a bra but upon closer inspection - it's just a nude illusion! for getting up there in age - she still has the body to carry it off - a total hot mess - it's looking like the seventies are totally the new sixties! nestled in between the pictures there's a great video of some of ms. newmar's best catwoman moments! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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