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Jennifer Aniston's Pregnancy Secret

By popbytes

hey hey! below we've got another explosive pregnancy claim courtesy of the latest **national enquirer** - i know what you're thinking - that jennifer aniston isn't pregnant BUT don't forget the publication was the first to nail nicole richie's pregnancy - and they were also onto jamie lynn spears before anyone else - so maybe this will the third time they're right - plus we know that ms. aniston is probably itching to have a kid before her biological clock sounds the last call alarm! they've got three baby daddy suspects including vince vaughn, paul sculfor, and jason lewis (who she is supposedly living with now - so maybe he's the #1 candidate!) as with all pregnancies you can only keep it a secret so long - so we need to be extra vigilant when it comes to keeping an eye on a possible jennifer aniston baby bump!

we've also got a few more drama situations featured on the cover including a drunken brawl between tyra banks and her staff (and someone called 911?!?) there's also more details on jamie lynn who they're also claiming is six months pregnant and is having a baby girl! yet who knows what's up with suppose daddy casey aldridge - who maybe got another girl pregnant - he must be extra fertile at the ripe age of 19! martha stewart also got dragged onto the cover with a supposed meltdown as a family feud explodes! (which doesn't surprise me at all - her mom recently died and fights usually breakout after someone passes away - usually over money or some crap like that) anyways i'm so done with today - thankfully my doggie fidel got his neutering stitches removed and he's doing just fine - that's one small drama out of the way! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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