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Jen to Brad "i Hate You" ...

By popbytes

hey hey! oh i know members of team aniston are going to love the latest cover of **national enquirer** which is featuring the former mrs. brad pitt exploding & telling brad 'i hate you!' after supposedly two years of silence - but i think they must have spoken before this supposed incident - yet it sure does make for a dramatic cover - inside are details of when & where she ripped him a new one along with what she said about angelina jolie! who knows...maybe she told brad that she hates him in front of her mirror during her daily affirmations - ha!

at the top there's farrah fawcett who is claiming that she's cured of her cancer (or at least hopefully it's in remission) after dealing with experimental cancer treatments in germany - which i actually watched a story about recently - you really have to watch yourself when seeking medical help outside the US - lots of con artists & bad doctors promising the sun & the stars - of course for a hefty price! i really do hope that ms. fawcett is better - i'd love to see her back doing her reality show which was a total hoot!

at the bottom we've got messy people including david hasselhoff & tara reid - oh my gosh i just realized - they should date each other - what a good time combo that would make! and then dr. phil could give them relationship advice - since he's good like that - even supposedly saving his own marriage - way to go dr. p! last but not least we've got a look at hollywood's best & worst butts & bellies - of course they're featuring britney spears & kirstie alley on the worst side...then there's cutie zac efron - who has hollywood's most adorable belly! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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