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Jamie Lynn Spears' Big Lies ...

By popbytes

good morning! anybody feeling blue after the holidays? don't forget we've got new year's eve next week! i'm excited to see what 2008 has in store for the entire spears clan - below is the latest cover of **STAR** magazine which is raising questions about jamie lynn spears' pregnancy bombshell which was dropped just last week (talk about good timing with the holidays and all...) i'd like to see some recent pictures of jamie - then we can maybe all tell how far along she actually is! (don't you think it's fishy there's no new pictures of her?) if she is indeed six months pregnant then those rumors i posted about months ago were actually true! besides the timing of everything - they're also implying there could be a question about who the baby's daddy really is - whether it is casey aldridge or not - i have a feeling she's going to be a single mom just like her big sister britney spears - i doubt we'll see a shotgun wedding anytime soon! (if she did marry casey i don't see it lasting - they're both quite young)

in other stories we've got katie holmes spending up a storm - heck i would too if i were her - you gotta use it while you have it! (lots of shopping would totally help to ease the good times of being enslaved to mr. cruise...) there's also bit about jessica simpson and her new boyfriend tony romo...which might actually be a relationship hoax (a fauxmance!) totally set-up by her daddy joe simpson for a little PR - something just seems way too convenient about their budding romance - he's the quarterback of her dad's favorite football team - from their home state of texas! hmmm...let's see how long that lasts...and finally things appear to be heating up between reese witherspoon & jake gyllenhaal with talk of a ring for ms. witherspoon (gosh i love the picture of her below - she's all 'yeah my boyfriend is super hot') i wonder if we'll see her walk down the aisle again next year? anyways i'm off to work which is a total bummer but the weekend isn't all that far off! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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