It's Just a Little Crush ...

I love it when the biggest trending topics really have some meaning. I really don't think Jennifer Paige got it right. When you've got a serious, bone-deep crush, there's nothing "little" about it. I think today's "Question for my crush" topic proves that. When you're crushing hardcore on some way cool guy or girl, you might not feel like fainting, but the butterflies go into overdrive. A lot of things happened today in terms of viral pop-culture news -- Demi Moore's filing for divorce, Breaking Dawn premieres tonight, and the investigation of Natalie Wood's death has been reopened -- but I want to know what you would ask or say to your crush if you could say anything. Demi's news isn't really big, tomorrow's soon enough for the Cullens, and the latter -- well, I'm actually really interested in that. However, there's time enough for that too. Right now it's about your Question for Your Crush.

People are being extremely open with this topic:

iSpeakToGirls: “Question For My Crush: Do you like me too?”
LifeTerms: “Question For My Crush do you ever notice me acting extra happy around you? Maybe smiling a lot?”

EdSheerhanslover: “Question For My Crush: Why do you treat me like I don't exist?”

nananatasha: “Question for my crush: Do you realise how tongue tied I get when I talk to you?”

officialdianaap: “Question For My Crush: Can you always be right next to me?”

EmelieNordify: “Question For My Crush : do I have a chance or am I just wasting my time?”

So what would you say to your crush if you could say anything? What would be the most important question? How would you open up to the person you like the most?

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