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Is Nicole Back in Rehab?

By Jen

Both The National Enquirer and Star magazine are reporting that Nicole Richie is in rehab. USmagazine called Nicole’s rep who says, "She is not in rehab. She is at home in Glendale. Sobriety is an ongoing process, but she is sober." Who should we believe?

Richie’s rep confirms that the reality star continues to visit her therapist at the center where she was originally treated for her addiction.

She is due in court on June 8 for a pretrial hearing regarding last year’s DUI. Nicole’s hearing is scheduled only three days after Paris is to report for jail. Nicole knows there is mandatory jail time for a second DUI, so it would not be a big surprise if she did try to use rehab as an excuse to avoid the jail time.

Despite the carefully-worded denial from Nicole Richie’s publicist, sources at The National Enquirer and Star magazine insist they stand by their story 100% that the Simple Life star recently sought treatment for anorexia and substance abuse.

Additionally, the mag’s have damning evidence - photographic proof.

Both The Enquirer and Star have pictures of Nicole entering the Beau Monde Treatment Center in Corona Del Mar, California, on May 19th.

Can't deny that kind of proof. I just don't see why she would hide it. Lots of people relapse, I would be more supportive if she just admitted it!

Source: Hollywood Grind

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